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LHC imposes Rs1m fine on factory emitting smoke

LHC imposes Rs1m fine on factory emitting smoke


The judge orders penalty on the smoke-belching factories

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LAHORE (Dunya News) – The Lahore High Court on Monday ordered that the factories emitting smoke should be fined Rs1 million each.  

Justice Shahid Karim of the LHC passed the order while hearing the petitions of citizens, including Farooq Haroon, regarding anti-smog measures. The environment director general, along with other officials, also appeared before the court. 

During the hearing, the court directed the factories to consult the Judicial Water Commission for desealing. The environment director general informed the court that the owners themselves desealed their factories before the department's action. 

Moreover, it was stated that action would be taken against the officers found violating regulations. The court has initiated proceedings against the officers whose names have been provided. 

The LHC expressed satisfaction over the report submitted by the environment DG. The judge imposed a fine of Rs1 million on Iftikhar Steel Mills.  

The Water Commission members informed the court that the factories emitting smoke operated at night, and (some) officers of the environment department ‘accept bribes’. The court immediately instructed the department to issue warnings. 

Addressing the environment DG, Justice Shahid Karim said, "Inform the officers that if any factory emitting polluted smoke is found functioning in someone's jurisdiction, action will be taken against them."

The court inquired from the government lawyer about artificial rainfall initiative. The lawyer replied that planning and other procedures were under way.

Justice Karim commented, "I won't allow public money to be spent without clarity. Take concrete steps to combat smog."  

Later, the court adjourned the hearing until Dec 8.