People laud COAS Munir's one-year performance

People laud COAS Munir's one-year performance


People laud COAS Munir’s one-year performance

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RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) – The public has expressed satisfaction over the performance of the Chief of Army Staff Gen Asim Munir who assumed his office a year ago amidst economic challenges. Passing through multiple challenges, Pakistan has gained success on different fronts and removed the shadows of uncertainty.

During his tenure, the army chief played a central role in combating terrorism and implementing strict measures, ensuring national security.

Around 95 percent citizens expressed their satisfaction upon his efforts for controlling rise of dollar value.

The public acknowledged Asim Munir’s decisions regarding crackdown on crimes, smuggling, and hoarding.

Furthermore, the army chief’s diplomatic efforts have strengthened international relations, contributing to an enhance global standing of the country.

Since the army chief assumed office, there has been an increase in the capacity and capability of Pakistan Army.

As the nation celebrates the completion of Asim Munir’s first year as army chief, citizens expressed their gratitude and optimism for the positive trajectory set by his leadership.

The Special Investment and Facilitation Center (SIFC) set up about five months ago by the Pakistan government has turned out to be a game changer for the national economy, ensuring billions of dollars' investment.

The success is attributed to the leadership of army chief Gen Syed Asim Munir.

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Following the establishment of the SIFC, Pakistan is progressing through economic stability. The stock market is breaking all records and producing good results and the rupee is also strengthening against the US dollar. Efforts are afoot by the caretaker government to curb inflation.

Under the dynamic leadership of Gen Asim Munir, the armed forces started initiatives to transform the hopelessness into a robust and stable Pakistan. Stern action is under way against the smuggling mafia which was hitting the national economy, making life of common man miserable.

As many as 464 terrorists were arrested or killed during the intelligence-based operations. A campaign was also launched against the foreigners living illegally in Pakistan and more than two and a half million such people were repatriated to their native countries.