Audio leaks show how serious differences are between Bushra Bibi, her husband's sisters

Audio leaks show how serious differences are between Bushra Bibi, her husband's sisters


Conversation reveals exchange of harsh words in the presence of former PTI chairman’s presence

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LAHORE (Dunya News) – Another audio of Bushra Bibi – the former prime minister’s wife – has surfaced, this time showing severe differences between her and her in-laws, as the PTI grapples with the challenge of replacing the party chairman who has been sentenced, disqualified from holding any office and imprisoned.

In this audio, Bushra Bibi and Latif Khosa – her husband’s lead lawyer – are openly discussing their differences with the jailed cricketer-turned-politician’s sisters.

During their conversation, Bushra Bibi can be heard saying that a dispute had erupted between them [the couple] because his sisters were also there, to which Khosa replies with “okay, okay”.

According to Bushra Bibi, she didn’t consider it appropriate to talk to his sisters rather than those people [present on that occasion]. She told his husband that he [Khosa] would represent her in all the cases and she was going to assign his cases [now] to him. 

Now, Khosa mentions that okay as they [the former PTI chairman’s sisters] were saying that she [Bushra Bibi] had insulted them.

As soon as Khosa tries to explain his point and start a new sentence by saying “actually”, he is interrupted, while Bushra Bibi adding that it was her [eldest sister of the former PTI chairman] who had misbehaved with her to a level that she couldn’t even imagine a person could have audacity to do so. 

“I only replied that what was the need of these three [sisters of her husband] going to the office [of Khosa]?” 

“Who are they to ask? [They] say why you had written the line about poison? The way she was speaking, I said don’t talk in this manner. When she talked too much, I told Khan Sahib [her husband] no, only he is my counsel and then left.”

Khosa said he didn’t know what their problem was. But Bushra Bibi again started speaking to say, “They were not meant to go. [It was] Khosa Sahib’s wife [who] said you people should go to meet. I said [at that point] fighting will start among them. Then I remained silent.”

The telephonic conversation at this stage again moves to Khosa who said he wasn’t a person indulging in misbehaviour.

“[Yes but] I surely did say that you shouldn’t insist. Allow me to do [move ahead] the way I want to. It was this statement about which they said I have misbehaved,” he tells Bushra Bibi while adding that he had no need to be abusive.

At this stage, Bushra Bibi narrates her version to explain what had actually happened. “They didn’t say that they went to meet [Khosa] for this petition. They are saying that all of this [account] is false. We had visited him without any particular reason.”

Bushra Bibi also tells Khosa that they were saying that he [Khosa] spoke ill of Khan Sahib and with regard to the cipher issue as well as about her [Bushra Bibi] and the May 9 incidents.