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Four policemen put behind bars for getting bribe from cricketers

Four policemen put behind bars for getting bribe from cricketers


Both cricketers shared their ordeal on social media accounts

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(Dunya News) – The Sindh police claim to have arrested four policemen who got bribe from Pakistan's cricketers during their travel. 

The Sakrand police allegedly received bribe from Sohaib Maqsood and Amir Yamin while they were travelling from Karachi to Multan by road. 

The issue surfaced when both cricketers took to their social media accounts on X (formerly known as Twitter) and narrated the whole story. 

Sohaib Maqsood mentioned in the post, “We are so lucky that we live in Punjab not in Sindh first time in my life I am travelling from Karachi to Multan by Road and Sindh police is so corrupt that they stop you after 50 km and ask for money or they threat you to go to the police station for no reason if you give them money then they will stop you again after 50 km and ask for money again corruption at its peak in Sindh police. We told them that we are international cricketers travelling to Multan after our match in Karachi they still took 8000 thousand rupees and then let us go.”

Amir Yamin also shared the identical post by adding few words, “It will never happen with you in Punjab or in any other province of Pakistan. At area Sakrand police station.”

Media reports state that the four policemen who received bribe from the cricketers have been put behind the bars and a case has been registered against them. Besides, the SHO and head inspector of Sakrand police station have been suspended from service. 

The Shaheed Benazirabad DIG, through an inquiry report, confirmed that the players had to grease the palms of policemen on the superhighway around 12am and 1am on Monday night. The inquiry report will be forward to the Sindh IGP.