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Nawaz Sharif reminisces high and lows of his stints as PM

Nawaz Sharif reminisces high and lows of his stints as PM


Nawaz Sharif reminisces high and lows of his stints as PM

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SIALKOT (Dunya News) – Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif stated on Saturday he was unable to understand why he had been sent to jail.

The PML-N leader recalled that in 1999, he was the prime minister of Pakistan in the morning but was branded as a hijacker in the evening, with efforts made to impose a death penalty on him.

During his visit to the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sharif expressed gratitude to the traders, stating that he was thankful for the warm welcome he received in Sialkot.

Nawaz Sharif noted that it was his first time traveling on the Sialkot Motorway and emphasised the need to double Sialkot's exports.

He stated that policy implementation would only be effective when all other matters were in order. He added that the focus should be on improving the economy, not just on mere words.

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Addressing the issue of skyrocketing prices of essential items and growing inflation, Nawaz stated, “Today, someone earning Rs50,000 cannot make ends meet. The prices of vegetables, lentils, ghee and chicken have skyrocketed, making life very difficult for people.”

Nawaz Sharif mentioned that former US president Bill Clinton had advised him not to conduct nuclear explosions and offered a $5 billion incentive. However, he added that due to possessing nuclear capabilities, no enemy could look at Pakistan with ill intentions.

The former premier stated that after the nuclear tests, the then Indian prime minister Vajpayee visited Lahore, and Pakistan's foreign policy was highly successful during that era. “No Indian prime minister visited Pakistan in any other era,” he added.

The former prime minister said that they were dismissed. “A person who created chaos in the economy was brought in. He did not come on his own; he had been imposed. We were brought down by a chaos that he planted, and everyone witnessed the consequences. Pakistan still suffers from those same results. When someone's tenure is not allowed to complete, how can the country progress? If in a family, one pulls the other's leg, the household cannot function.”

Nawaz Sharif emphasised the crucial need for political stability in the country, stating that from being ahead, Pakistan had now fallen far behind.

The PML-N leader regretted that prime ministers had to face hanging or exile at times, adding that these were the matters to reflect upon.