No negotiations with terrorists under NAP: Bugti

No negotiations with terrorists under NAP: Bugti


No negotiations with terrorists under NAP: Bugti

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The National Action Plan (NAP) Coordination Committee, convened on Friday, under the chairmanship of caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti at the NACTA Headquarters in Islamabad, reached a decision to refrain from engaging in negotiations with terrorists.

The meeting, which included the participation of all chief secretaries, police IGs and intelligence agency officers, centered its discussions on the review of the National Action Plan, with comprehensive briefings provided by all IGs on its implementation.

Stressing the need for heightened measures to safeguard traders and curtail the trafficking and sale of drugs, Interior Minister Bugti urged decisive action against terrorist and extremist groups.

The committee, according to a statement issued here, resolved to enforce stringent measures to counter the dissemination of hate content on social media and combat terrorist financing.

The minister pledged unwavering support for reinforcing the Counter-Terrorism Department in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, assuring every possible cooperation.

Bugti underscored the importance of equipping police personnel in the Kaccha area of Sindh and Punjab with advanced weaponry for effective action against dacoit gangs, aiming to maintain peace in the region.

The interior minister outlined plans for restoring peace by launching an effective operation against separatist groups in Balochistan.

He affirmed the continuation of the deportation of undocumented refugees, and reiterated the commitment to addressing unlawful settlers and immigrants through legal measures.

Acknowledging the role of law enforcement and security agencies, including the police, in maintaining peace, the interior minister expressed gratitude for the sacrifices made, saying that the efforts of martyrs would not be in vain.

Bugti urged Pakistanis to channel their charitable contributions exclusively through approved institutions.

Highlighting future initiatives, the minister announced the commencement of development projects in the annexed districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and underscored the commitment to provide comprehensive resources to police and Khasadar forces.