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PPP will not make any alliance, to take solo flight: Khursheed Shah

PPP will not make any alliance, to take solo flight: Khursheed Shah


Says delay in polls to have dire consequences, A party is already in govt

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LAHORE (Dunay News) – Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party Syed Khursheed Ahmad Shah said on Friday that his party would not make any alliance making a solo flight.

Addressing a presser in Lahore, Shah said if elections were delayed it would have dire consequences for the country. He said everything was being planned to steal the mandate of the people. He asked how there could be a level playing field, if people of a party were in government.

He said prime minister house was still within their reach as it was before when they were in power. “I selection was done, it will prove counterproductive. The PPP don’t do politics of allegations. We pray to God that elections in the country should be held on time in a democratic way,” said Shah.

Former federal minister said if Mian Sb would go to jail soon after his arrival to Pakistan, it would enhance his political height. Securing bail from court had dented the image of Nawaz Sharif.

Shah said the PPP had originated from Punjab. The PPP leader said they were answerable to the people. Shah said now it was upon people of the Pakistan how they react over what was being done to them.

The former opposition leader said the caretaker government should raise voice for Gaza people.