Tareen vows to uplift country

Tareen vows to uplift country


Tareen vows to uplift country

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TAXILA (Dunya News) - Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) chief Jahangir Khan Tareen expressed his commitment to accomplish what remained unachieved in the country over the past 75 years.


Speaking at a rally in Taxila, Tareen recounted that in 2011, his entire group had joined PTI with the intention of building a new Pakistan. He emphasised moving beyond past issues and focusing on the future.


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Tareen emphasised the potential of the nation, highlighting that internal conflicts have held the country back. He stressed the importance of healthy competition rather than conflicts, stating that unity and vision are crucial for progress.


Addressing the party workers, Tareen further encouraged them, stating that they are the driving force to amplify their message and propel Pakistan forward. He vowed to prioritise the people's interests and collaborate to shape a new Pakistan.