Politicians solely responsible for people's predicament: Khaqan Abbasi

Politicians solely responsible for people's predicament: Khaqan Abbasi


Neither PTI nor PML-N could perform during past five years: ex-PM Abbasi

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - In a recent statement, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, a senior leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) and former prime minister, criticised the lack of progress by the PTI over the past four years and the inability of the PML-N government to achieve anything in the past year or so.

Mr Abbasi emphasised that a country in turmoil cannot function effectively and urged all political leaders, government bodies, and stakeholders to come together to address the nation's problems.

Mr Abbasi highlighted the current state of conflict among the country's institutions, with the Chief Election Commissioner at odds with the President and the President in conflict with the Parliament.

He stressed the need for three fair and transparent elections to resolve these issues, particularly as the cost of electricity bills exceeds the amount earned. He emphasised the importance of making tough and effective decisions, rather than opting for easy ones.

The former PM held politicians accountable for the nation's predicament, pointing out the staggering loss of Rs600 billion per year due to electricity line losses. He demanded of the political leaders to prioritise the well-being of the country and to recognise that this is their last opportunity to do so, warning that they would bear responsibility for the consequences if they failed to act.

Mr Abbasi further stressed the need for comprehensive reforms within the system. He encouraged the business community to collaborate with the government to find solutions instead of relying solely on demands.

He emphasised that interference by governments in business affairs would only perpetuate existing problems, emphasising the importance of allowing businesses to thrive independently.