Khawaja Asif lambasts PTI chief over May 9 vandalism

Khawaja Asif lambasts PTI chief over May 9 vandalism


Govt identified 3200 vandalisers so far: Asif

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Defence Minister Khawaja Asif on Wednesday came down hard on the PTI chief over the May 9 vandalism.

Addressing the National Assembly (NA) session, the PML-N senior leader said Poverty Alleviation Department Chairman was being paid Rs2.7million per month, adding that vice chancellors of universities were receiving billions of rupees in budget. “What happened in 2018 will repeat itself and it will follow what ensued in four years after 2018,” he added.

He went on to say that multiple factors were behind the dilapidating economy. "Multiple prime ministers were sacked and no forgiveness was sought from history," he added.

Mr Asif continued by saying that a person tried to hijack the state when he was dethroned, adding that even the Indian Army respected martyred Colonel Sher Khan. “You degraded him and expressed your hate for him,” he added.

Had they [PTI MNAs] not tendered resignations, the minister said, they would have been sitting in the NA. “Former Punjab CM Parvez Elahi kept asking for not dissolving Punjab Assembly, but he also dissolved KP Assembly,” he added. Later he [PTI chief] went to the NA, he said, for taking back resignations.

He said hate was manifest in how martyrs’ graveyards were desecrated, adding that petrol bombs were thrown at the GHQ. “Our eternal enemy could not do what the internal enemy did,” he added. A man challenged the state with his people, he added.

The government had identified almost 3,200 vandalisers till now, he said.

As for the budget 2023-24, he said budget was a transaction event, adding that if some matters were not addressed, economy would be not be brought to track. “We have resources to increase national resources but no will,” he added.

When they talked about public-private partnership, they started fearing the NAB, he said.