PLRA introduces e-registration to enhance transparency, efficiency

PLRA introduces e-registration to enhance transparency, efficiency


Training for e-registration is to be completed in all districts by May

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) on Friday introduced new reforms in land records by utilising modern technology and advanced software to build a modern land administration system.

The initiative was aimed at aligning land records with international standards and enhancing the transparency and efficiency of the land registration process.

As per the spokesperson, the PLRA had started step-by-step registry training through e-registration in Lahore and Sahiwal districts, and the regular training in all other districts was expected to be completed by May. The training would be provided to the sub-registrars of all districts and their staff to raise awareness about the e-registration portal.

Through e-registration, users would be able to obtain the challan from the e-stamp web portal at home, pay the fixed fees at the Bank of Punjab, and even write affidavits from the comfort of their homes. The portal would also offer facilities such as registration of vendors, customers, and witnesses.

E-registration would allow customers to obtain a copy of the registry after making statements to the sub-registrar and biometric verification in the shortest possible time, while protecting customer records, ensuring effective monitoring of staff, and eliminating fraud in registry matters.

The introduction of e-registration was a significant step towards modernising land records in Punjab and was expected to bring convenience, transparency, and efficiency to the land registration process.