Coalition parties dub PTI a gang of militants, vow to take action

Coalition parties dub PTI a gang of militants, vow to take action


The meeting expressed solidarity with officers and Jawans of state institutions

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - The coalition government Monday strongly condemned attacks and torture of police and Rangers personnel on the orders of Imran Khan and said strong action would be taken against those who had violated the law.

The prime minister chaired the important meeting of the allied parties, which continued at the Prime Minister House for six hours. Coalition parties termed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) a gang of militants and vowed to take action against those who violated law.

The leaders, in a joint statement, said the police and Rangers, who came under attack, were only implementing the court orders.

During the meeting, the overall economic, political, internal and external situation of the country and peace and security were reviewed in detail.

The participants were briefed in detail about the economy, revival of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Programme and measures taken by the prime minister for relief to the public.

The relief measures included farmers’ package, supply of free flour during Ramazan to poor families, scheme to provide special relief of Rs 50 in the price of petrol to the low income people, special CSS examination for youth across the country, promotion of solar energy, interest free and inexpensive loans for youth, rehabilitation of flood affectees and other programmes.

The attendees appreciated Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for revival of the economy and the IMF programme, and for providing maximum relief to the people despite difficult economic conditions and expressed complete confidence in his leadership.

They said that it was a matter of grave concern that trained miscreants, many of them belonging to banned organizations, attacked officers and personnel of state institutions with petrol bombs, sticks, catapults and weapons.

Such behaviour in no way was constitutional, legal, democratic and political, they said, adding taking up arms against state, targeting of officers and Jawans, shooting at them, burning of vehicles, besieging the court premises and then rioting there, throwing of police vehicles in canals, and stopping and torturing policemen who were on duty were acts of extreme lawlessness, which no state could tolerate.

The meeting expressed solidarity with officers and Jawans of state institutions and lauded their sense of duty and declared that no leniency would be shown and strict action according to law would be taken against those elements who had broken the law.

“This is enmity against state which cannot be tolerated,” they said.

As the whole nation saw that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was not a political party, rather a gang of militants trained by banned organizations, and evidence and proofs in that regard were available about it, so it was decided that action would be taken according to the law.

The leaders decided to call a joint session of the Parliament on Wednesday, March 22 to take important decisions for ensuring writ of the state.

The participants severely condemned the campaign on social media and outside the country against state institutions, especially against the army chief.

They said Pakistanis living abroad should not become part of such nefarious agenda. Some elements who ran a dirty campaign against the martyrs of Lasbela, were sitting abroad and running a condemnable campaign on social media, besides holding demonstrations.

The coalition government declared that such behaviour was not acceptable in any society and it was not freedom of expression, and decided to take strong action against such unruly elements.

The meeting observed that “the attitude of the system of justice” with Imran Khan and his associates was further deepening the impression that the two sides of the scale were not equal which was not a good omen for the Constitution, law and principles of justice. Two standards of justice in the country were not acceptable.

It also concurred to take strict action according to law against those who had attacked the Judicial Complex, injured police officers and personnel, damaged property and resorted to violence.

They also expressed concern at the audio leak of the conversation between former chief justice Sadiq Nisar and PTI lawyer Khawaja Tariq Raheem and condemned their indecent talk against Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

They said that all sections of the society, especially women, should strongly condemn such negative mindset.

The meeting was attended by leaders of the coalition government and federal ministers.