Pakistan welcomes normalisation of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia, Iran

Pakistan welcomes normalisation of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia, Iran


Pakistan welcomes normalisation of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia, Iran

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistan Friday warmly welcomed the normalization of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The normalization of relations between the two countries was facilitated by China.

The Foreign Office Spokesperson in a statement said, “Pakistan firmly believes that this important diplomatic breakthrough will contribute to peace and stability in the region and beyond.”

“We commend the role played by China’s visionary leadership in coordinating this historic agreement which reflects the power of constructive engagement and meaningful dialogue. We laud sagacious leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran for this very positive development.”

“With a history of consistently supporting and coordinating efforts for bridging gaps between the two brotherly countries, Pakistan will continue to play a constructive role in the Middle East and the region. We hope this positive step would define a template for regional cooperation and harmony,” she added.

Iran and Saudi Arabia on Friday agreed to reestablish diplomatic relations and reopen embassies after years of tensions between the two countries, including a devastating attack on the heart of the kingdom’s oil production attributed to Tehran.

The deal, struck in Beijing this week amid its ceremonial National People’s Congress, represents a major diplomatic victory for the Chinese as Gulf states perceive the United States slowly withdrawing from the wider Middle East. It also comes as diplomats have been trying to end a yearslong war in Yemen, a conflict in which both Iran and Saudi Arabia are deeply entrenched.

The two countries released a joint communique with China on the deal, which apparently brokered the agreement. Chinese state media did not immediately report on the deal.

Iranian state media posted images and video it described as being taken in China with the meeting. It showed Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, with a Saudi official and a Chinese official that state TV named as Wang Yi.

“After implementing of the decision, the foreign ministers of the both nations will meet to prepare for exchange of ambassadors,” Iranian state television said. It added that the talks had been held over four days.

Saudi Arabian officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press. Shortly after the Iranian announcement, Saudi state media began publishing the same statement.

Tensions have been high between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The kingdom broke off ties with Iran in 2016 after protesters invaded Saudi diplomatic posts there. Saudi Arabia days earlier had executed a prominent Shiite cleric, triggering the demonstrations.