47 govt,15 private Bills sailed through NA during 2022: Speaker

47 govt,15 private Bills sailed through NA during 2022: Speaker


47 govt,15 private Bills sailed through NA during 2022: Speaker

ISLAMABAD (APP): As many as 47 Government,15 Private Bills were sailed through in the National Assembly from January to December 2022, National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said on Saturday.

The Speaker said the National Assembly Secretariat has performed extraordinarily in the field of legislation in the year 2022 till date and 38 bills have become Acts of Parliament.

While in the year 2022, 25 resolutions were passed in the House on various issues. Apart from this, the National Assembly Secretariat received 3,751 questions from the members out of which 1,004 questions were answered.

In the year 2022, a total of 183 calling attention notices were received out of which 71 were tabled in the House and 43 were discussed.

In the year 2022, a total of 82 privilege motions were received out of which 45 were sent to the relevant committee.
Furthermore, 124 motions were received under Rule 259 of 2007 Rules and Procedures in the House out of which 32 were tabled in the House.

He said the prominent legislation done by National Assembly include Election Bill, Rahmatul Alameen Authority Bill, National Highway Safety Bill, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Bill, Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, Export and Import of Pakistan Bill, National Accountability (Second Amendment) Bill, Pakistan Tobacco.

Bill, Anti-Dumping Duties Bill, Capital Development Authority Bill, Martyrdom Bill, Petroleum Bill, Foreign Investment and Local Government Elections Bill in Islamabad are included.

Apart from this, the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, Standing Committees and Parliamentary Committees remained extraordinarily active for supporting the House to perform its legislative role.

These committee also remained active to enhance parliamentary oversight and to ensure accountability. The committee also ensured to take up the issues of public importance as its chief priority.

He said the year 2022 would ever be remembered as it was the first time in the history of Parliament that the doors of national assembly were opened for three days to marginalized segment of the society like women, children, minorities and transgender to celebrate the diamond jubilee of the House.

The 1st ever parliamentary caucus on Children was also formed due to special concern of the National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf.

Parliamentary diplomacy has been the chief hall mark to highlight the challenges of climate change as the House hosted Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) seminar to fight the case of climate justice for the country which culminated as the world adopted ‘ loss and damage fund’ in COP-27.
Furthermore, 2022 remains prominent year in the history of politics when record number of legislation were enacted for the welfare of common people.

It was also the first time that social media of national assembly was made proactive to fill the space between people and their representatives.
The year 2022 has been the first year in the history of Pakistan when it has crossed important milestones as on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee celebration the doors of the parliament were opened for the first time for the public, in which women, children, and minorities, former and current members of Parliament participated.

He said that people belonging to the most downtrodden sections of the society were invited to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and were seated in the seats reserved for the members of Parliament.

These Diamond Jubilee celebrations were well praised by the public and it was a child’s speech in Parliament which was viewed by 6 million people on Twitter and for the first time Parliament’s Twitter account remained top trending.

A two-day seminar of the member countries of the IPU Asia Pacific Region on the achievement of SDGs was also held on 13 and 14 September 2022 at the Parliament House, Islamabad.
In the seminar, the delegates of the member countries were made aware of the worst flood disaster in Pakistan.

IPU Asia-Pacific region countries were asked to present an emergency resolution at the IPU General Assembly in Rwanda.

With the efforts of National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, a resolution was presented in the IPU General Assembly meeting held in Rwanda to establish a fund for countries affected by climate change.

The social media of National Assembly has been at the forefront and proactive in its outreach. It was ensured that all parliamentary news were made promptly accessible. It also played its role to cull the trend of fake news culture in society.