‘Transgender Act will shake foundation of family system’

‘Transgender Act will shake foundation of family system’


‘Transgender Act will shake foundation of family system’

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) lawyer Kamran Murtaza on Thursday said that the Transgender Act will shake the foundation of the family system.

During the hearing of the case related to the protection of the transgender community, Kamran Murtaza said that slogans – Mera Jism Meri Marzi and Mera Ehsaas Meri Marzi – are against the Islamic society.

Acting FSC Chief Justice Muhammad Anwar said, "No one could humiliate anybody. Is there any example, where this law was used inappropriately?"

JUI-F senator Mushtaq Khan said, " The Punjab police penned a letter to the IG – the statement of which read – that the police officers are getting training along with the transgender. That transgender was hired – by claiming to be a girl – as there are many examples of the misuse of this law."

On the other side, JUI-F lawyer Kamran Murtaza has completed his arguments, while during the hearing, the Ministry of Human Rights and NADRA have also presented the reports before the court.

The Ministry of Human Rights said, "After the rolling out of this law, no one in the transgender community was given the employment – in any of the institution – in the country. Five out of the transgender community are imprisoned in the jails of Sindh and KP, while none of the transgender is in jail in the provinces of Punjab and Balochistan.

According to the report – submitted by the concerned authorities, 100 members of the transgender community have been registered in the protection center in the federal capital.

The NADRA lawyer informed the court, "Prior to the introduction of this law, the practice of writing ‘Male Transgender and Female Transgender’ on the NIC used to be done."

Expressing his anger over the officials of the Ministry of Human rights, Acting CJ remarked, "It was for the third time that the court was misguided as it was informed that nobody from the transgender community registered a case."

The officials of the Ministry of Human Rights said, "The report was submitted in the court – in the same condition – in which – the interior ministry provided to the ministry of human rights".

Meanwhile, the court has ordered to submit report on the grounds of reality.