CM Elahi approves procurement of 1200 drones for police, other departments

CM Elahi approves procurement of 1200 drones for police, other departments


CM Elahi approves procurement of 1200 drones for police, other departments

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi on Wednesday approved the purchase of 1200 drones for the police and other departments of the province.

The approval was given during the meeting of CM Elahi with the delegation of the famous Chinese company for drone technology, Di-Jiang. CM Elahi stressed the need of rolling out the latest ‘policing system’ with the help of drone technology, while the working ability of the patrolling police will also be enhanced. The CM also pinned hope on curbing the street and other forms of crime by using the latest technology, adding that the drone cameras could be effective in terms of bringing the criminal mindset to justice.

Pervaiz Elahi added, "With the usage of drone technology, unfortunate incidents – one that happened with a woman at Minar-e-Pakistan in 2021 – could be prevented through monitoring in parks and recreational spots.  Through strict monitoring by using drones, unfortunate incidents would be reported on time, while the night-vision drones would also play a crucial role in maintaining the law and order situation in the night".

"The flood situation in the country could also be reviewed – by monitoring the flow of water for 24 hours – through the technology of drone cameras.  Additionally, it would become quite easy for the administration to deliver the food items and medicines to the people – affected by floods or other cataclysmic events – through drones on time," said CM Pervaiz Elahi.

Continuing to discuss the possibility of extending the usage of drone cameras in other fields, CM Elahi said, "With the help of drones, spraying agricultural medicines in the fields would also become quite comfy – effectively – and to determining the production of the agricultural fields would also be assisted. This technology would also pave the way for getting rid of locusts and other insects with immediate effects". The CM further said that the technology of drones would also be rolled out in the mining and health sectors.

Talking about the improvisation of the technology, CM Elahi said a separate will be constituted in Punjab for the implementation of this programme, while the workers will get training from the Chinese company – about how to use the drone technology.

Furthermore, CM Elahi directed that the file report be submitted as soon as possible to highlight the need for drones in terms of quantity, concluding that acquiring drone technology is a watershed moment in Punjab s history.