Imran Khan vows to fight against 'thieves' till last breath

Imran Khan vows to fight against 'thieves' till last breath


Imran Khan vows to fight against thieves till last breath.

SIALKOT (Dunya News) - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he will fight against the thieves and prepare nation to fight against them till he is alive.

Addressing a student convention in Sialkot, PTI Chairman said that a living society stands up for justice and to stand up to oppression and injustice is jihad.

He further said that the biggest of the robbers become Prime Minister in Pakistan and in Pakistan, big thieves are free while the smaller ones are in jails.

Imran Khan went on to say that our country has lagged behind and the rest of the world has moved forward because there is no justice here, nations go up that improve education for the people.

The former premier condemned the murder of Pakistani renowned journalist Arshad Sharif saying that he was a patriot and bore the pain of Pakistan as no one ever had.

"Today if the nation does not stand for him, there will be no difference between us and animals," he said.

The PTI Chairman said that Arshad Sharif stood for truth and his conscience had no value. "I respected Arshad Sharif the most in journalism, I am very sorry for the martyrdom of Arshad Sharif."

He also maintained that journalists are being harassed all across Pakistan.

He added, "Arshad Sharif was target killed and he is the martyr as he didn’t get scared of the threat calls nor did he step back."

The PTI chairman also said that his aim was never this strong before. "I urge the nation to stand with me, and if you don’t, it won’t affect me but your future would be devastated," he said.