Conspiracy is being hatched against me: Ahmed Hussain Dehar

Conspiracy is being hatched against me: Ahmed Hussain Dehar


Conspiracy is being hatched against me, says Ahmed Hussain Dehar.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) National Assembly member Ahmed Hussain Dehar on Tuesday said that a conspiracy is being hatched against me.

In a video statement, the deviant PTI member of the National Assembly denied the allegations put forward by a private TV interview.

Ahmed Hussain Dehar explained that the video was distorted by the channel as they have altered it and therefore changing the sense of what he had said.

I once said that it is disgraceful to leave Imran Khan, he said.

Further talking about it he mentioned that one day I saw Imran Khan adding seven MPAs of PML-N, adding that then the palace of my dreams was shattered.

The private channel distorted the story by cutting back and forth sentences, said Ahmed Hussain Dehar.

He continued saying that he has been deceived by yellow journalism. He also expressed that the rest of his words were cut off and the part where he said that he is not leaving Imran Khan was added in the video.

I stand by my word, I have the same demands, he stated.

Ahmed Hussain Dehar asked to stop the character assassination and said that the demands are the same as I mentioned on other TV channels, there is a conspiracy against me.