Punjab govt's tourism authority ordinance remains ineffective

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Punjab govt's tourism authority ordinance remains ineffective

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab government s tourism authority ordinance remained ineffective since seven months after the law could not be passed

The Punjab government has implemented important measures for the promotion of tourism under the ordinance. Following the implications, a tourism authority has been set up. The ordinance was issued by Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar but the ordinance could not be passed by the assembly.

After completion, it was extended but after that the ordinance became ineffective due to non-approval of the assembly and all the steps taken under the ordinance have also become ineffective. Seven months have passed since the tourism authority ordinance became ineffective.

The ordinance has expired and the law has not been passed by the assembly yet. The law department is silent on the approval of the ordinance, the tourism department has written five reminders for the approval of the ordinance which have come to light.

Through ordinance, the tourist policing system was going to be established. An allocation of around 100 police personnel was likely to take place after the ordinance was would have been approved. This project has been kept in the ADP scheme but due to lack of legalization, no practical work has been done on the project.