All routes to Murree closed due to heavy traffic jam, snowfall

Dunya News


Thousands of cars entered the hill station on Friday to witness snowfall causing heavy traffic jam.

 Dunya News (Web Desk) - Administration of Rawalpindi and Islamabad closed the roads going to Murree and Galiyat due to large number of vehicles entering the hill station owing to heaving snowfall.

Thousands of tourists entered the hill station on Friday to witness the snowfall causing heavy traffic jams on Murree-Islamabad Motorway. The authorities decided to close all kind of traffic going towards the hill station to avoid a further brutal traffic jam.

Meanwhile the Motorway police and local administration is busy in helping the tourists who had been stuck in their cars in the heavy traffic jam. The process of sending the cars back from Murree has also been started.

Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat has said that all the routes from Islamabad to Murree have been closed. The decision was taken keeping in view the rush of tourists and traffic jams in Murree. The commissioner has also requested the citizens to postpone their plan to the hill station.


CPO Rawalpindi Sajid Kiyani instructed traffic police to extend tourists every possible help and facility.

On the other hand, Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed on Friday evening requested tourists, especially families, to avoid travelling to Murree and Galiyat.

Rasheed said that more than 100,000 vehicles have already entered Murree due to which the flow of traffic is extremely slow.

He said that Islamabad and Murree administrations are working to facilitate tourists round the clock.