Imran Khan committing crime by hiding details of gifts received from foreign countries: Ahsan

NAROWAL (Dunya News) – PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal has demanded Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s resignation over Pandora Papers on Sunday.

While addressing a press conference in Narowal, the former interior minister said that now the prime minister should resign as his name has appeared in the Toshakhana case and it will also appear in the Pandora Papers. “After Imran Khan’s name surfaced in Pandora leaks, there is no moral justification for him to retain the post of the premier,” he added.

The PML-N secretary general said that the Khan Pandora’s box is about to open. He also said that Imran Khan who boasted to be the champion of anti-corruption campaign was hiding facts regarding his foreign gifts, while Imran Khan is committing a crime by hiding the details of gifts received from foreign countries.

He was of the view that rising inflation in the country was a result of bad policies of the government. “Today a person who earns Rs25,000 to 30,000 a month cannot bear the expenses of his household honourably,” he added.

The PML-N leader further said that inflation will increase further in the coming days, adding that the prime minister gave false dreams to the people on laptops. He predicted that Imran’s name would be appearing in the Pandora Papers releasing tonight. He stated that the frequent adjournments of the parliament’s sessions on quorum suggested that Imran Khan had lost confidence of the houses.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the ruling party wanted to steal next elections with the help of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

Earlier, another global scandal same like Panama Papers is set to unfold as the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) will release Pandora Papers (Panama-2) today (Sunday).

According to the details garnered, another Panama Papers-style global scandal is set to be surfaced. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) will release 11.9 million documents on Sunday night. This global investigation will surpass even the Panama Papers of 2016. As many as 600 journalists and 150 media organizations from 117 countries have participated in this investigation.

According to ICIJ, the Pandora Papers project includes financial details of important personalities from 117 countries including Pakistan. Two Pakistani journalists also included in the investigation of Pandora Papers.

It was also reported that the Pandora Papers also includes financial details of several Pakistani personalities.