I don't care two bits on oppositions motion of no confidence: CM Balochistan

QUETTA (Dunya News) – Chief Minister of Balochistan Jam Kamal on Wednesday said that he does not care two bits about no confidence motion submitted by opposition members.

President Balochistan Awami Party, in a tweet, said that for him what matters is that whether his party and collision partners are with him or not.

“The day I don’t have my own party and coalition majority, than for me being the leader of the house is of no use and will leave myself”, he added.

It merits mention that opposition MPAs of the Balochistan Assembly on Tuesday submitted a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Jam Kamal.

A no-confidence motion against the Chief Minister of Balochistan was submitted to the Secretary Balochistan Assembly with the signatures of 16 members of the opposition.

Talking to media after filing no-confidence motion, opposition members said that no-confidence motion has been filed on the basis of four points.

They said that he has no right to rule over the performance of the provincial government during the last three years. In the current situation, everyone in the province wants to overthrow this government adding Balochistan is facing worst kind of corruption and looting.

Opposition members, referring to the movement, said that they had the required number for the success of the movement and would not reveal the required number at present.

Opposition leaders Malik Sikandar, Sana Baloch, Nasrullah Zairy, Asghar Tareen, Zabid Reiki, Younis Aziz Zehri, Akhtar Lango, Malik Naseer Shahwani and others are among the 16 opposition members who have signed the no-confidence motion.