Asad Umar urged the students above 17 years to vaccinate themselves.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Federal Minister for Planning and Chairman National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) Asad Umar on Tuesday has said that only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to board on both international and domestic flights from September 30.

Addressing a press conference, the minister declared vaccination certificates compulsory for those visiting hotels and guest houses and attending wedding ceremonies.

He also urged the students over the age of seventeen years to get one dose of vaccine by 15th of September and the second dose by 15th October in order to continue their studies at the educational institutions.

For those using the public transport including trains, metros and buses, will also have to get both the doses by 15th October to continue to avail these services, he added.

The minister said thousands of vaccination centers have been established across the country with mobile vans also operating. He said the people should themselves vaccinated for their own safety and those of others.

Asad Umar said that NCOC has decided to open anti Covid vaccination for the youth in the age bracket of seventeen to eighteen from September 1.

Special Assistant on National Health Services Dr. Faisal Sultan said that vaccination for those falling in the age brackets of fifteen to sixteen will also be opened.

He said a special vaccine will be administered to the immunocompromised people from the 1st September.