NCOC directed all federating units to ensure strict implementation of the SOPs

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) on Sunday issued guidelines for Eid ul Adha as Pakistan reports over 1,000 coronavirus cases for second day in a row.

As per details, the NCOC has directed the concerned authorities to ensure that cattle markets are established outside the cities’ premises to avoid spread of the virus.

The forum has directed all federating units to ensure strict implementation of the SOPs and the staffers and the traders at the cattle market are vaccinated.

Guidelines issued by Ministry of National Health Services are as under

-Social Distancing at Animal Markets/Mandees

The Local Authorities

Should encourage the online buying, e-selling and slaughter arrangements of the animals as much as possible in their cities/towns

Should allocate large enough spaces away from populated areas for animal markets/Mandees

Must get the markets set under their supervision while allocating the space to the animal vendors strictly following physical/social distancing principals

Must ensure that every individual visiting the marker (buyer/seller) must wear face mask properly (cover nose and mouth) at all times. Those without face masks should not be allowed within the market.

Must ensure the availability of thermal guns at entrance and allow customers only after checking.

Temperature and screening them for symptoms of cough and sorethroat.

Must designate individuals at the entrance and exit of the market with alcohol-based hand sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol) who would ensure that each customer sanitizes his hand before entering and on leaving the market.

 Must ensure that the space does not get crowded, allow people to enter the market only in small groups at intervals.

Must monitor the adherence to the guidelines by the sellers and buyers during the business hours

Should ensure the public display of notices promoting hand hygiene and social distancing

Should provide medical aid post/first aid post for medical advice if needed by the customers/sellers within close proximity of the animal market.

Animal Vendors/ Sellers

It is mandatory for all animal vendors and sellers to get vaccinated with any of the currently available Covid-19 vaccines. Those without evidence of vaccination (first dose or complete course) may not be allowed to conduct business in the market.

Every seller must wear the face mask properly (cover nose and mouth) at all times.

The seller should wash hands with soap and water frequently or use an alcohol-based (70%) hand sanitizer.

Stalls should be set up at a distance of at least 2 meters from each other while ensuring adequate space for their own animals. The supporting arrangements must be made by the local authority.

Seller and customers should try and maintain the safe distance of 2 meters

Seller and customer must not shake hands and avoid any other physical contact

The seller must keep a disinfection formulation with 0.5% diluted bleach or 60%-80% dilute alcohol solution to disinfect the most frequently used surfaces by the customers.

Each salesperson must ensure the use of gloves for touching the animals

Any seller with symptoms of cough, sore throat, fever etc., would not be allowed to sell animals in the market. He would be required to arrange a replacement for himself.

Each seller must ensure queue control and maintaining the advised 2 meters distance in his allocated space in the market.

The sellers must keep themselves aware of the updated instructions issued by the government and ensure strict compliance to them

Customers/ Buyers

The buyer must wear a surgical/medical mask properly (cover nose and mouth) at all times

Must not go to the market if they are suffering from fever, cough, sorethroat or flu-like symptoms.

Sanitize hands before and after visiting the market.

Should not touch animals without gloves.

Should avoid touching the surfaces in the market unnecessarily.

Maintain 2 meters distance from salesperson or other customer within the market.

Follow the safety guidance provided by the local management and cooperate with the staff

If a customer observes non-compliance to the guidelines by the individual seller, remind them and/or inform local authorities.