Coronavirus epidemic devastation: IMF stands ready to support Pakistan

Dunya News

IMF is ready to support Pakistan to navigate difficult situation that it's facing with COVID crisis.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Communication Department Director Gerry Rice on Thursday said that IMF is ready further assistance to Pakistan during third wave of coronavirus epidemic

Addressing a virtual press briefing, Gerry Rice said that the IMF wants to help Pakistan in the wake of the COVID-19 shock to Pakistan’s economy.

Gerry Rice said that a month ago IMF had completed the pending reviews of the financing arrangement we have with Pakistan and the decision by our Board at that time allowed for an immediate disbursement of about $500 million, which brought total disbursements to Pakistan of about $2 billion.

"We stand ready to support Pakistan, to navigate the difficult situation that it s facing with the COVID crisis, while helping to ensure the objective of debt sustainability with strong and sustainable growth," Gerry Rice said.