Asad Umar said said next few weeks are critical.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Federal Minister for Planning, Development, Reforms and Special Initiatives Asad Umar, in a series of tweets on Friday, said next few weeks are critical and no system can cope if we allow the coronavirus pandemic to spread rapidly.

Asad Umar said the total number of critical care covid patients on oxygen reached 5,360 yesterday, which is 57% more than the peak last June. “Alhamdulillah have so far managed to cope with this huge increase because of proactively building capacity of the entire system from oxygen production to beds,” he said.

“Total oxygen production operational capacity in Pakistan last year was 487 tons/day. It has been increased to 798 tons. Oxygen production has gone up from 465 tons/day last jun to 725 tons currently. We also imported 19,200 oxygen cylinders last year to ensure distribution.”

“Federal govt 2811 oxygen beds all over Pakistan last year. The provinces added more. Hence despite there being more than 2,000 additional covid patients on oxygen vs last jun peak you have not seen the kind tight supply situation we saw last jun.”

“Continuing to build capacity, in yesterday’s ncoc it was decided to import 6,000 tons oxygen, 5,000 cylinders and 20 cryogenic tanks. It is this proactive decision making which has with Allah’s blessings help us avoid the kind of scenes being witnessed in some other countries.”

“Bedrock of this proactive decision making has been a data based forward looking analytical approach, nationally coordinated effort with a whole of the nation approach and hard work of dedicated teams who have continued to steer the effort thru this difficult challenge.”

“However, the challenge is not over and Infact is continuing to increase. The need for precautions and following sop’s is vital at this point in time. Next few weeks are critical. No system can cope if we allow the disease to spread rapidly. May Allah be with us and protect us.”