Punjab govt announces special Ramadan package

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Punjab govt announces special Ramadan package

LAHORE (Dunya News) - The Punjab government has announced a special relief package for the month of Ramadan. Under this package, food items will be available to the public at relatively cheaper rates.

Senior Provincial Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said in a press conference that the Punjab Ramadan package has been prepared as per the instructions of the Prime Minister. He said that work on wheat procurement centers across the province is starting from tomorrow; farmers will be paid a record price of Rs1800, an increase of Rs 400 per maund.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that the Prime Minister convenes weekly meetings to review the prices of food items. In Punjab, a sack of flour has been available at Rs 860 throughout the year and now, a 10 kg bag will be available in Ramadan bazars at a discounted rate of Rs 375, he said.

He announced that in addition to flour, sugar, pulses, vegetables and other items will be discounted up to 25% in Ramadan bazars. These bazars will later be converted into Sahulat bazaars for the public.

He said that during Ramadan, sugar would be available at with a discount of Rs 20 at Rs 65 per kg.