Five MPAs will leave PTI before Senate elections, claims Khurram Laghari

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Former PTI MPA Khurram Laghari has claimed that like himself, five MPAs and advisors from PTI will leave the party before the senate election, however, they will not vote for anyone in the upcoming Senate election.

Speaking with Dunya News program "Nuqta-e-Nazar", Khurram Laghari alleged that CM Punjab Usman Buzdar prevented Deputy Commissioners from doing his work and registered cases of electricity theft against his employees. He added that Ministers and departments were instructed not to do his work, in which case, it was better to sit in the opposition.

Khurram Leghari said that the youth are happy with his resignation as they are only used for sit-ins and not given any respect. Till date, no university has been established in Muzaffargarh district, he added.

In the two and a half years PTI has been in power, only Rs 100 million was given while Taunsa Sharif constituency received Rs 77 billion.

“I have been complaining to the Chief Minister for two and a half years while I was never even given face time with the Prime Minister”, he said.