Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government stands by them in their hour of grief.

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) - Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday assured the Hazara community that he would visit them the same day they buried the slain miners and said the perpetrators of the heinous incident would be brought to justice.

Addressing here at the inauguration of Special Technology Zones Authority, the Prime Minister said all demands of the Hazara community following the Mach incident had been accepted.

“I have sent a message to the Hazara representatives that as soon as they bury their martyred community members, I will visit and meet them,” he said.

Imran Khan said he was deeply grieved by the tragic deaths of the Hazara community, which he said had suffered a lot over the decades, and lost precious lives, and suffered economic losses.

Expressing solidarity with the Hazara community, the Prime Minister said the government stands by them in their hour of grief.

He said most of the slain miners were the sole breadwinners of their households and assured them that the government would fully compensate their families.

He said the tragic incident at Mach was part of the conspiracy hatched by India as per intelligence reports.