GB Election: Official results of 12 constituencies announced

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GB Election: Official results of 12 constituencies announced

GILGIT (Dunya News) - The Election Commission of Gilgit-Baltistan has released the official results of 12 constituencies in the 2020 GB election.

According to the official results, Amjad Hussain of PPP won from GBA-1 with 10,875 votes while independent candidate Raees Sultan came second with 7,482 votes.

From GBA-4, Amjad Hussain of Pakistan People’s Party won with 6,104 votes while Ayub Waziri of Islami Tehreek Pakistan (ITP) came second with 5,606 votes.

From GBA-5, Independent candidate Javed Ali Manwa won with 2,562 votes while independent candidate Zulfiqar Ali Murad came second with 2,149 votes.

From GBA-6, Obaidullah Baig of PTI won with 5,624 votes while independent candidate Noor Mohammad came second with 4,584 votes.

From GBA-7, Zakaria Maqpoon of PTI won with 5,288 votes while Syed Mehdi Shah of PPP came second with 4,140 votes.

From GBA-8, Muhammad Kazim of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) won with 7,842 votes while Syed Muhammad Ali Shah of PPP came second with 6,904 votes.

From GBA-10, Independent candidate Raja Nasir Ali won with 4,811 votes while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Minister Hassan came second with 3,439 votes.

From GBA-12, Raja Azam Khan of PTI won with 10,283 votes while Imran Nadeem of PPP came second with 8,714 votes.

From GBA-14, Shamsul Haq of PTI won with 5,237 votes while Muzaffar Ali of PPP came second with 3,620 votes.

From GBA-15, Independent candidate Haji Shah Baig won with 2,685 votes while independent candidate Mohammad Dil Pazir came second with 2,517 votes.

From GBA-18, Haji Gulbar Khan of PTI won with 4,059 votes while independent candidate Malik Kifayat-ur-Rehman came second with 3,544 votes.

From GBA-23, Independent candidate Abdul Hameed won with 3,696 votes while Amna Ansari of PTI came second with 3,180 votes.