Rainwater floods Karachi airport, footage of plane on taxiway paints sorry picture

KARACHI (Dunya News) - The recent torrential rains in Karachi have broken all records of the recent past. New footage of a plane on the Karachi Airport taxiway has come to light showing the degree to which water has accumulated in the area.

In August, the highest rainfall of 487 mm was recorded at Faisal Base while back in 1984, 29.84 mm of rain was recorded in the area.

As of August 27, 380.5 mm of rain was recorded at Masroor airbase while in 2007, it recorded 272 mm of rainfall.

The 319.2 mm of rain recorded at Karachi Airport till August 27 broke the previous record of 262.5 mm of rain at the airport in 1979.