American Woman waves Pakistani flag in Atlantic Ocean

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American Woman waves Pakistani flag in Atlantic Ocean

LONDON (Dunya News) - American woman Vanessa, expressing her selfless love, has hoisted the Pakistani flag in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to details, an American woman Vanessa O Brien waved the Pakistani flag at 10,923 meters deep Atlantic Ocean. Pakistan High Commission London Nafees Zakaria also took a photo with the American woman.

It is pertinent to mention here that Vanessa had earlier waved Pakistani flag on the top of K2.

Vanessa O Brien reached the summit of the K2 in 2017. She in a tweet said that flag of Pakistan is one of the important flags that I carried to the top of K2. Pakistan is a country in which I received a lot of love and support. She also thanked Pakistan s renowned mountaineer Nazir Sabir for his full support.

Later addressing a function held in her honor at the Pakistan High Commission, she said that the people of Pakistan are very hospitable and their friendship lasts a lifetime.

Vanessa said that the image of Pakistan portrayed by the western media is not a reflection of the real Pakistan and urged people to visit the country to know the truth and see the real Pakistan.