Sugar crisis investigation report unlikely to arrive on April 25: Sheikh Rasheed

Dunya News

He expressed concern that a flour crisis might be looming in Pakistans future

LAHORE (Dunya News) - Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that Imran Khan will not show any leniency once the forensic report is made public however it may be delayed from April 25.

Speaking exclusively to Dunya News program "On the Front with Kamran Shahid", Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that no particular group is responsible for the spread of coronavirus, such fallacies should not be spread. He said that in his heart he feels that the country will overcome this pandemic and if the virus is rightly dealt with, the government will be victorious.

Answering an important question, he said that the sugar crisis was created by ‘bookies’. Imran Khan has declared war against looters and now Jahangir Tareen has to decide whether he is with Imran Khan or not, he said.

Sheikh Rasheed said that the Punjab government decided to provide subsidy on sugar. It was cheaper all over the world and they deceptively took subsidy and created a shortage. He said that in Pakistan, no ordinary man can set up a sugar factory, there are always politicians behind it. He expressed concern that a flour crisis might be looming in Pakistan’s future.

He said that the real question is how the Punjab government provided subsidy and now the ball is in Imran Khan s court. Jahangir Tareen was one of Imran Khan s frontline advisers but now it will be a test for him.