The Regional Manager SNGPL said there is no shortage of gas.

RAWALPINDI (APP) – Sui Northern Gas Pipelines (SNGPL) has decided to launch crackdown on the consumers using gas compressors.

The Regional Manager SNGPL Javed Khan said that teams have been constituted to launch crackdown against those who were depriving their neighbors houses by using gas compressors.

He has directed the concerned authorities to launch crackdown against gas compressor users without any discrimination.

The Manager said there is no shortage of gas, however, there is dire need to take measures to stop illegal practices.

He said residents use fridge compressor to suck in more sui gas to increase its flow that is too dangerous.

It was observed that the people indulge in using alternate measures like using cylinder, compressor in their houses.

This practice must be discouraged at all level, he added. He said that new pipelines of gas supply are being laid to increase its pressure. He has appealed to the public use gas appliances carefully to avoid unpleasant accidents.