First round of talks between government’s committee and opposition’s Rehbar Committee ends.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – First round of talks between government’s negotiation committee and opposition’s Rehbar Committee ends but deadlock persists as the meeting could not show any progress.

Denfence Minister and head of government’s committee Pervaiz khattak while addressing a press conference after the meeting said the talks would continue till the deadlock remains there. He said Rehbar committee must talk to its leaders as we are always ready for dialogues.

Khattak said both committees have agreed on many things and we are trying to find a way out. He said the rounds of talks have been held in a cordial and pleasant environment. He said both sides have their own positions and are working to find a common ground.

Head of Rehbar Committee Akram Durrani on the occasion said we are firmly sticking to our demands. He said our demands are same from day one.

Dunya News sources reveled that government’s committee has clarified it to the opposition committee that there would be no talks on PM’s resignation or dissolution of assemblies. The committee said it can talk with opposition over all constitutional demands.

On the other hand Rehbar committee has maintained that the talks would start from PM’s resignation and assemblies would be dissolved.

Sources informed that some members of Rehbar Committee have suggested to opposition to find a suitable way to come out of crisis.

Earlier, Government’s negotiation committee held meeting with Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan in Islamabad for consultation on contacts with opposition parties.

During the meeting, government’s negotiation committee briefed the premier over its discussion with Rahbar Committee members. The participants also reviewed the current political situation in the country.

PM Imran said that the government is ready to accept opposition s legal demands under law and constitution if it shows seriousness for negotiations.