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Children's Literature Festival appoints 14 goodwill ambassadors

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The goal of CLF is to promote a culture of learning.

LAHORE (Web Desk) - The Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) has announced the appointment of fourteen (14) CLF Goodwill Ambassadors.

“I am thrilled to welcome fourteen (14) celebrated individuals as CLF Goodwill Ambassadors who have come on board to support, promote and advocate the cause of education in Pakistan,” said CLF founder and Idara-e-Taleem-O-Aagahi (ITA) CEO, Baela Raza Jamil. “These individuals have demonstrated true excellence in their respective fields and I am confident that they will use their influence, reach and star power to promote CLF’s goals of modernizing Pakistan’s archaic education system, making quality education accessible to all Pakistani children, and promoting modern techniques of learning and instruction.”

The impressive roster of CLF Goodwill Ambassadors includes actors Ahsan Khan, Faysal Qureshi, Hasan Khan, Juggan Kazim, Khaled Anam,Nadia Jamil, Omair Rana, Rana Majid, Sami Khan, Shamyl Khan, and Usman Butt; writer,speaker and cultural commentator Ally Adnan; and musicians Ali Hamza and Ali Noor.

The talented individuals expressed their happiness with their appointment as CLF Goodwill Ambassadors and spoke enthusiastically about their plans to support the organization.


“I am honored to joinCLF as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador,” said Ahsan Khan. “My passion for accessible, effective and universal education is known well and I am glad to have found a platform to support a cause, which has always been very important to me. I have been aware of the tremendous work done by CLF for quite some time and am glad to have been appointed as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador. Pakistani people face a very large number of problems today and education is one, if not the only, solution,which can make the problems go away. I plan to work tirelessly as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador and do my part in helping spread modern education throughout Pakistan.”


“All hope for a successful, prosperous and thriving Pakistan lies in the future of the country’s children,” commented Ali Hamza.“CLFis playing an extremely important role in building asolid foundation for that future. I admire the inclusive, egalitarian and equalizing philosophies used by the organization to promote education in Pakistan. In addition to happiness and honor, I feel immense gratitude on becoming a CLF Goodwill Ambassadorbecause the position will allow me to contribute my two bits towards fulfilling a crucial social responsibility.”


“CLF is the epitome of my conviction that positive change occurs only when a personbelieves in one’s own self,” said Ali Noor. “The system of education advocated by CLF fostersCLF Goodwill Ambassador a sense of self-confidence, independence and individuality in students. The inspiring environment of CLFcreates a thrilling experience not only for participating children but also for adults. Theorganization creates non-traditional means of learning,using art, dance, literature, multimedia platforms, poetry, puppetry, storytelling, and theater, in which children become active participants in the process of education. As a CLF Goodwill Ambassador, I plan to work on creatingenjoyable, inspiring and liberating learning experiencesfor children.”


“I am honored to become a member of the CLF family and look forward to working as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador in the future,” commented Ally Adnan. “Pakistan is beset with a huge number of problems and, in my opinion, education is the one solution to all of the problems. A well-educated, well-informed and well-read populace will never tolerate corruption, ineptitude, incompetence, and dishonesty in any organization, public or private, and force all Pakistanis to do their best for the country. I believe in the power of education and want it to be affordable, accessible and effective for all Pakistanis. I have enjoyed working with CLF in the past and am glad to be a part of an organization that supports a cause, which is very near and dear to my heart. As a CLF Goodwill Ambassador, I plan to do any and everything in my power to help spread modern education all over Pakistan.”


“I am honored to have become a member of the CLF family,” said Faysal Qureshi. “I have always been passionate about education and am very happy to have found the right platform to support the cause of education.The lack of a proper, solid education system has always been a core issue of my country. I have known of the tremendous work done by CLF for quite some time and am glad to have been appointed as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador. Education is an essential investment for the future of our country and a necessity for our human, cultural and economic development. Sadly, it has never received due focus in Pakistan. I, therefore, plan to work diligently as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador and do my part in helping spread modern education and internationally recognized techniques of learning and instruction throughout Pakistan.”


“The benefits of good education are innumerable but, in my opinion, the greatest one is the assurance of dignity, self-respect and independence that it affords to sincere students,” observed Hasan Khan. “I have followed the CLF’s excellent work for several years, with both admiration and awe, and am glad to have been appointed as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador by the venerable organization. I am a big believer in education and spent three (3) full years at NAPA studying acting before making it my career. As a CLF Goodwill Ambassador, I will be traveling all over the country to promote the benefits of modern education. This is my chance to do meaningful work for the advancement of my country and I plan to do all that I can to be an effective campaigner of education.”


“I am delighted to be a CLF Goodwill Ambassador,” said Juggan Kazim. “CLF promotes a culture of creativity, imagination and multi-sensory stimulation beyond traditional classrooms and textbooks. It affords a unique platform that introduces the joys of reading, self-expression and critical thinking to children. All children deserve to experience the diversity of the world and to understand their rights, responsibilities and obligations in making the world better. This is only possible when they are given safe spaces and platforms to celebrate creativity and instilledwith wonder. As a CLF Goodwill Ambassador, I will share the amazing work done by the organization, allover Pakistan,and encourage greater participation in the movement.”


“There is a lot that is good about CLF but what I like the most is its equal and equitable treatment of all participants, irrespective of age, caste, color, creed, financial status, religion, and social standing,” stated Khaled Anam. “It is this fair treatment that demonstrates the core benefit of education: equal, just and similar opportunities for everyone. I received the President’s Pride of Performance Award in 2018 for my contributions towards the arts and for using the media to promote child education. The cause has always been very important to me. I have been a supporter of CLF for a long time and, as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador, will now champion its goals of spreading accessible modern education nationwide, with renewed vigor and energy.”


“Planting literature in the lives of children is like planting trees,” claimed Nadia Jamil. “The love for literature will always give them the shade of a story, the oxygen of creativity, the fruit of knowledge, and the companionship of a friend. CLF is a forest inhabited by the best of children’s literature. It caters to all Pakistani children, without any discrimination, and is truly inspiring, exciting and progressive. More importantly, it is a lot of fun. I am deeply honored and proud to be a CLF Goodwill Ambassador.”


“CLF has modern and decidedly revolutionary ideas about education, instruction and learning,” remarked Omair Rana. “The organization believes that mere classroom learning is incomplete and ineffective; it needs to be augmented by exposure to the arts, a wide spectrum of sensory experiences, and exercises that challenge, inspire and stimulate the mind. I was an educator long before I was an actor and wholeheartedly subscribe to CLF’s ideas on education. It, therefore, gives me great pleasure to join the organization as a CLF Goodwill Ambassadorand do my part in revolutionizing the system of education in Pakistan. The system will succeed only if it makes students better people by focusing on ethics, integrity and character along with encouraging creativity, ingenuity, and originality.”


“The work done by CLF not only guarantees a better life for students and teachers, but also ensures that our country will be a prosperous, modern and happy place for future generations,” stated Rana Majid. “Our children deserve more than just textbook instruction and are entitled to learning experiences that encourage creativity, afford genuine enjoyment and provide a rich spectrum of experiences. As a CLF Goodwill Ambassador, I plan to work with young Pakistani children and give them opportunities to experience the joys of listening to, writing and telling stories. I believe that my training as actor will help me popularize the art of storytelling, which I believe is an important pillar of education, and help students push the boundaries of imagination, creativity and thinking.”


“CLF does not believe in the traditional methods of teaching and learning, which are largely archaic and take all fun out of education,” noted Sami Khan. “I subscribe to CLF’s philosophy that learning should encourage creativity, discovery and invention and be fun both for teachers and students. As a CLF Goodwill Ambassador, my goal will be to use my celebrity to popularize the cutting-edge methods of learning espoused by CLF and help build a nation where everyone has access to affordable, effective and modern education.” 


“I am glad to be a CLF Goodwill Ambassador foran organization that has worked, for years, to spread education, all over Pakistan, in a modern, effective and systematic manner,” said Shamyl Khan. “The work done by CLF will go a long way towards ensuring that future generations of Pakistanis lead lives of respect, happiness, health, prosperity, and peace. I support CLF wholeheartedly in its crusade to make education affordable, accessible and widely available all over Pakistan. As a CLF Goodwill Ambassador, I will work with the CLF team to promote and highlight the causes championed by the organization.”


“Knowledge, intelligence and character are the three essential attributes of the citizens of a successful, respected and progressive nation” observed Usman Butt. “CLF focuses on all three and is, therefore, working on building a better nation for us and our future generations. I feel honored to be a part of CLF and look forward to supporting the organization in all possible ways.The position CLF Goodwill Ambassador gives me an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the progress of Pakistan. I plan to seize the opportunity and give back to a country that means the world to me.”

CLF is a social movement founded by Baela Raza Jamil, CEO of ITA, and co-founded by Ameena Saiyid, Founder and Director of the Adab Festival, in collaboration with a number of private and public organizations. The goal of CLF is to promote a culture of learning, which focuses on creativity, imagination, and multi-sensory stimulation, and not juston school textbooks, tests and examinations. CLFis a flagship program of its parent organization, ITA.