Fridous said that the tribal locals have rejected the 'so-called guarantors' of their rights.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Special Advisor to PM for Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan on Sunday has congratulated the nation on holding peaceful and successful elections in ex-FATA.

In a series of tweets, Firdous Ashiq Awan termed the polls as important progress towards the stability of ‘Naya Pakistan’. The people of tribal areas are getting reward of their patience in the form of constitutional and democratic rights, she added.

The special assistant said that the tribal locals have rejected the ‘so-called guarantors’ of their rights. Those spitting venom against Imran Khan didn’t bother to say a single word in support of this latest development, she went on to say.

Firdous added that the meaning of democracy for such leaders is only to gain personal interests. She also lauded the sacrifices of armed forces and civil institutions to restore peace and order in the area. 

Earlier, special assistant said that government remained neutral during the whole election process in the ex-Fata, adding that peaceful election also proved people have expressed solidarity with the country.