However, the decision is expected to be taken by the federal cabinet today.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has suggested an increase of more than Rs100,000 in the new Hajj policy 2019, subjected to the approval of the federal cabinet, as compared to previous year.

According to sources, officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs are expected to brief the federal cabinet about the new policy.

Excluding subsidy, the Hajj Policy 2019 has proposed a significant increase which may drive up Hajj expenses for each pilgrim up to Rs436,000 for pilgrims from the north and Rs426,000 from south.

In this regard, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has also proposed a subsidy of Rs45,000 for each pilgrim. However, the final decision would be taken by the federal cabinet.

If the subsidy is approved, the Hajj expenses may settle around Rs390,000 for each pilgrim.

This year 184,210 Pakistani pilgrims will perform pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, including 107,000 pilgrims under government scheme and more than 76,000 pilgrims under private scheme.

10,000 pilgrims over the age of 80 will be allowed to perform the Hajj without Hajj Qurrah or draw.

It is being anticipated that the hike in Hajj rates has been caused due to an increased taxation by the Saudi government and the massive rupee depreciation against the US dollar, since previous Hajj policy.