Peace talks to resume after elections in India: PM Khan

Dunya News

He was addressing Future Investment Initiative Conference in Saudi Arabias capital Riyadh.

Riyadh (Dunya News) – Renewing his resolve to significantly curb menace of corruption, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Tuesday stated that corruption differentiates developed world from the developing countries.

He was addressing Future Investment Initiative Conference in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh.

“Corrupt elite systematically destroys state-institutions to shield their corruption. We are taking initiatives to strengthen state-institutions”, stated Khan.

Khan told participants that incumbent govt would follow footprints of China-model to plummet wide-spread corruption. “In the past five years, Beijing has significantly clamped down on corruption”, professed Khan.

On economic quagmire, PM stated that Pakistan has approached International Monetary Fund (IMF) and friendly countries. He added, “To bloster forex reserves, exports should be increased”.

Khan regretted that Pakistan could not benefit from huge natural resources due to terrorism and corruption. He vowed to change this situation from now onwards.

“Unfortunately, anti-Pakistan rhetoric is at its peak [in India]. We will wait for elections, and then we will resume peace talks with India”, Khan was quoted as saying.

He apprised attendants that peace is in greater interest of both South Asian giants.

“Pakistan’s anti-terror campaign has proved to be efficacious but threats of terror activities continue to emanate from war-torn Afghanistan”, stated Khan while adding at the same time that Pakistan remains committed to peaceful relations with all countries.