According to ECP, the bye polls are being held for 11 NA and 26 provincial assembly seats.

ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Monday said that the by-election in 37 constituencies will be held on October 14 on amended voters’ lists, which have been issued to the districts concerned.

According to ECP, the by-polls are being held for 11 National Assembly and 26 provincial assembly seats.

It said that total registered voters in the country have now reached the figure of 106,000,239 with 59,243,889 male (55.89 percent) and 46,756,350 female (44.11 percent) voters.

The statistics of new amended electoral rolls shared by the ECP revealed that out of total registered voters 60,697,418 were from Punjab, 22,394,212 voters from Sindh, 17,839,845 voters from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (including FATA), 4,302,304 voters from Balochistan and 766,460 voters from federal capital.

It said that in Punjab, the male voters were 33,690,140 while female voters were 27,007,278. In Sindh the male voters were 12,438,375 while female voters were 9,955,837.

Similarly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the male voters were 10,220,103 while the female voters were 7,619,742.

In Balochistan, the male voters were 2,487,470 while the female voters were 1,814,834 while in federal capital the male voters 407,801 and the female voters were 358,659.