President, PM laud role of minorities for country's development

Dunya News

National Minorities Day being observed today.

ISLAMABAD (APP):President Mamnoon Hussain has said that minorities being part of national mainstream have always contributed significantly for the country’s progress and prosperity.

In his message for the Minorities Day on August 11, the President said Pakistan is the land of people belonging to different castes, creeds and religions and its Constitution make the minorities an important part of national mainstream. He said August 11 is the day to reiterate this national cause and renewal of political resolve.

The President mentioned that a significant number of minorities had played a remarkable role in national history in the fields of defence, health, education and fine arts.

“The day gives an opportunity to acknowledge their services and pay tribute to these people who contributed immensely for the national development and prosperity,” he said.

President Mamnoon said several attempt in the past were made to harm national unity by inciting communal differences, however expressed satisfaction that such unfortunate incidents were totally rejected by the minority community. “This is the strength of Pakistani society which has helped the State in eliminating such miscreant elements,” he said.

The President mentioned that in recent elections, several candidates belonging to minority community took part on general seats. He termed it a positive change in national determination against the ills of intolerance.

He expressed confidence that this journey of national harmony would continue in light of teachings of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and would result in providing all Pakistanis a level-playing field to achieve sustainable progress and prosperity.

Prime Minister Justice (Retd) Nasir-ul-Mulk while lauding the huge contributions made by minorities for the country’s socio-economic development, said the government has taken considerable steps to protect their rights and ensure their religious and cultural independence.

In his message to the nation on Minorities Day being observed on Saturday (August 11), the prime minister said, on the day “we reaffirm our commitment to the ideals of Quaid-e-Azam to continue striving for the protection of the rights of followers of all faiths and bringing them into the mainstream of national life.”

He said in this day we reiterate our pledge to honour the commitment made by our great leaders of according equal treatment to all our citizens irrespective of their religion, caste and creed. He said the history reveals that the Muslims always strived for the rights of minorities.

“In the early days of Islam, when the Muslims were in majority in Madinah, they dealt with non-Muslims with respect and extended protection to their rights,” he said.

Equality and protection of the rights for minorities has always been a priority for the government, the prime minister added.
He said on this day in 1947, our Quaid, in his historic address to the Constituent Assembly, had outlined the contours of a modern and tolerant Pakistan in which people of all faiths would have equal rights and opportunities.

“This vision of a tolerant and modern Pakistan was also embodied in the consensus Constitution of 1973. Let us reiterate today that we will uphold the ideals of equal rights and complete freedom to every citizen to freely profess and practice his or her religion,” he remarked.

He said being equal citizens of Pakistan, we share our joys and sorrows jointly. The observance of this day reflects our national commitment to unite and to integrate people of all faiths in the national life. “On this day, let us reiterate our commitment to promote interfaith harmony so that our society becomes a cradle of peace and prosperity,” the prime minister remarked.