'Water' a rare sight in Bahawalpur

Dunya News

The poor residents of Toba Sohab, a small town in Bahawalpur, are forced to survive on rainwater.

(WebDesk) – Everybody is aware of the fact that like food and shelter, water, too, is a necessity of life. In fact, a person can survive without food or shelter but it is humanly impossible to survive without water. This is one of the reasons why water is often termed as the “elixir of life”. Some unlucky people amongst us still do not have proper access to water. Many amongst such people reside in the city of Bahawalpur, known most famously known for its Grand ‘Noor Mehal’.

The poor residents of Toba Sohab, a small town in the city of Bahawalpur are forced to survive on rainwater that is often reserved in the form as small puddles because of which they fall prey to various harmful diseases that may be prove to be fatal in many cases. The residents that have fallen a prey to extreme lack of water have the demand for the construction of a new dam as their utmost priority in the upcoming elections.

The people have appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to do solve their ongoing issue by making sure a dam is built in due time.

The residents have appealed to the chief justice to take notice of their sorry condition. Photo: Screenshot

Even though billions of rupees have been allotted for development projects in Punjab as part of the recent budget, the sorry residents are forced to sip in water from the same puddles that quench the thirst of their cattle.

The locals are forced to drink water with their cattle. Photo: Screenshot