At least 55 peacocks have died in Tharparkar’s various villages due to ‘Ranikhet’ disease.

THARPARKAR (Dunya News) - At least 55 more peacocks have died within a week in various villages of Tharparkar due to locally known ‘Ranikhet’ disease but Wild Life department employees have taken no notice of the situation, Dunya News reported on Wednesday.

The locals said so far 55 peacocks had died in the Sajai, Chaho Sothar and Kharwaro villages of Deeplo Tehsil and its surrounding areas.

Dozens of other peacocks are also suffering from the same disease and it was feared that toll might rise further, if no immediate steps taken to overcome the problem.

Local people blamed Wildlife Department for its inaction despite the epidemic viral disease ‘Ranikhet’ taking heavy toll of the unprotected peacocks. The peacocks first become blind and then die. Locals told Dunya News that the Wildlife Department has done nothing so far to save the peacocks.