Of constituency politics: Dispute over 'Kutte ki Qabar' intensifies between Sindh and Balochistan

Dunya News

It is said that 'Kutte ki Qabar' is part of the constituency of Faryal Taplur, sister of Pakistan Peoples Party's co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari. Photo: Wikipedia

(Dunya News) – The area called ‘Kutte ki Qabar’ part of Kirthar Mountains, located on the border of Sindh and Balochistan has become the subject of dispute between the two provinces with both claiming it to be theirs.

Sindh’s senior minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has stated that Kutte ki Qabar was part of Sindh and will always remain its part. Named after a folk story of a Brahui man and his loyal dog, Kutte ki Qabar also known as Kutte ji Qabar and Kuchak na Qabar, became part of Sindh during the British rule.

Khuhro supported his argument with the 1876 Gazette saying that this portion of land, which spread to almost 250,000 acres, was part of Sindh.

Furthermore, Khuhro stated that there would be no compromise on the issue. He said that Kutte ki Qabar was added in Sindh’s territory by the British, and was also cited as part of Sindh in the Survey of Pakistan, adding that Balochistan’s claim over it was beyond his understanding.

The senior minister added that Balochistan government had formed a three-member committee over the issue, which should do its work, but he also added that the government of Sindh would not give an inch of their province’s land.

It is said that Kutte ki Qabar is part of the constituency of Faryal Taplur, sister of Pakistan Peoples Party’s co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari. The issue has turned into a dispute of constituency politics.

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