Government is holding serious consultations to lessen the stay

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - The religious affairs ministry has proposed to reduce the obligatory stay in Saudi Arabia for Haj pilgrims to 30-32 days from 40-42, while maitaining the package of last year.

Under the government scheme, pilgrims had a stay of 40-42 days in Saudi and was kept the same by previous administrations. But the current government is holding serious consultations to lessen the stay of at least 1,20,000 pilgrims travelling under government scheme.

Last year, over 2,80,000 pilgrims stayed in Saudi Arabia for 40-45 days under government scheme while the same package will now allot 30-32 days to the pilgrims in the current year.

However; the cost benefit of reducing the 10 days regarding transport, three-time meal and residency is not being provided to the ministry and pilgrims.

On the other hand, pilgrims say that the stay should be extended so that they can spend more time in the holy sites.