Nawaz backs Senate chairman's recommendation to strengthen parliament

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Ex-PM repeated several times that his party will not accept Supreme Court verdict in Panamagate

LAHORE (Dunya News) – The crowd went roaring when Nawaz Sharif stated in his Lahore rally that the people elected me as prime minister in 2013 while a verdict of only five people declared me ineligible. People responded with a loud no when he asked them whether they accept this decision.

Former PM backed the recommendation of Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani to strengthen parliament by inviting the prime minister, senior army officers, bureaucracy, and Supreme Court chief justice and hold an inter-institutional dialogue. He planned to announce his next step on August 14.

Recalling the past

He claimed to take no bribe or commit corrupt practices, saying he was ousted for not taking salary from his own son. "Your prime ministers have been treated this way for the past 70 years," he said while stressing that people have to bring change through revolution. He demanded accountability of those who repeat the trend of ousting PMs, adding that they delivered in the last four years, eliminated power outages, installed industry and prospering the lives of farmers. “Who are these people who sabotage the growth of Pakistan,” he asked while telling people to take a stand with courage. He recalled that Pakistan was divided into two parts in 1971 and he doesn’t want the country to face another crisis like that in near future.

“This is 2017 and we came in 2013. Pakistan of 2017 is far better. Does Nawaz Sharif deserve such treatment,” ex-PM asked. He shed light on inequality, conspiracies against his government, claiming that Nawaz Sharif will even sacrifice his life to upheld the value of public mandate. He said he wishes to elevate the respect and honour of Pakistan, adding there is no social or economic justice in the country. Nawaz Sharif expressed the need for new laws, provisions in constitution where votes are valued and speedy justice is provided.

Free and speedy justice for all

He stated, “I have come out for justice, not authority … Pakistan cannot move forward unless the system is changed. Promise me that you will side with Nawaz Sharif to bring the revolution.” Nawaz Sharif highlighted that 80% of the population is homeless and their government will soon announce to launch housing schemes for the homeless. While commenting on Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani’s suggestions, he said PML-N will support the bill on new provisions in constitutions. 

The stage was set for him beside the iconic Data Darbar as the ex-PM landed at his final destination, Lahore, concluding his GT Road ‘homecoming rally’ after being disqualified by Supreme Court in Panama case.

Photo; Nawaz Sharif seated with Shehbaz Sharif during Lahore rally

As soon as Nawaz Sharif arrived on stage, he was seated with his brother Shehbab, the chief minister of Punjab. A large number of people welcomed him with ‘Nawaz Sharif I Love You’ slogans. Participants of the rally held flags of PML-N in their hands. Songs were played throughout the rally saying praise of the Sharif brothers and Nawaz Sharif in particular.

Photo: Crowd at PML-N s Lahore rally

Upon his turn, Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif thanked the people who came from across the country. He called PTI Chairman Imran Khan a liar and said the large number of people that came here is a proof that people are still with them. Nawaz was ousted through UAE Iqama and not Panama offshore accounts, he said. Shehbaz Sharif claimed that power outages had ended by their leadership, naming several programmes like Metro Bus, Orange Line Train and other infrastructure projects.

He asked the people whether they wanted to side with them or those who are enemies of the state. "People who oppose Nawaz Sharif are against the growth of the country. Let s come together and make this country better," Shehbaz asked for peoples  support. 

Photo: Shehbaz Sharif addressing Lahore rally

He was accompanied with Balochistan Interior Minister Sanaullah Zehri. It should be noted that Quetta blast today killed at least 15 people with over 30 injured. Nawaz Sharif condemned the blast during his address.

Strict security arrangements were made for the ex-PM s Lahore arrival. Four SPs, 20 DSPs, 70 inspectors and over 2,000 wardens performed duties. Nawaz Sharif started his GT Road rally from Islamabad and stopped at Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Gujrat and Gujranwala for address. He announced the  homecoming rally  after the top court disqualified him using Article 62(1)(f).