He held rampant corruption a reason for lack of foreign investment in Pakistan

ABBOTTABAD (Dunya News) – Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan has said on Sunday that leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) stole Rs 62 billion that belonged to the people of Pakistan.

He addressed a rally in Abbottabad and in his speech he said that money laundering done by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was proved by material published by Panama Papers.

He held rampant corruption a reason for lack of foreign investment in Pakistan. Khan said that the country could not progress until persons guilty of corruption are not put behind bars.

He branded Dawn Leaks a conspiracy to malign the military. Khan said that the leak was no misunderstanding between the government and the army.

Earlier on Friday, Khan said while addressing a rally in Sargodha: "It was revealed in Dawn Leaks that PM Nawaz wants friendly relations with India however the army does not agree to this."

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He commented had such sort of a situation arosed in India, appropriate action would have been taken within 48 hours.

Imran Khan declared that the premier s lies have been exposed after the Qatari letter was rejected by the Supreme Court in Panama Leaks case.

He claimed that the government has failed to fulfill the promises made to the masses. Imran Khan further alleged that the government is busy maligning Pakistan Army when there already is tension along the borders.

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