KU astronomer suggests that Ramazan moon will be visible on May 27 from all areas of the country.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Astronomers have predicted strong chances of Ramazan moon sighting on May 27 which means that the first fast in the country will be observed on May 28.

Renowned scientist and astronomer of Karachi University Professor Dr Shahid Qureshi told that no probability of moon sighting exists on May 26, Friday in any part of the country whereas it is only possible on May 27, Saturday.

He revealed that the same likelihood exists for other countries of the region including Bangaldesh, India and Iran however; Ramazan is likely to begin on Saturday in Saudi Arabia, Africa, central and southern areas of US.

Dr Shahid Qureshi suggests that during the night between May 25 and 26, the moon can be seen at 12:44am. On May 26 in Karachi, the age of moon will be 18 hours and 30 minutes at sunset and will remain at nine degrees for 39 minutes. But due to humidity and warm climate, moon sighting will not be possible on that day while it will be visible on May 27 from all areas of the country at sunset.