Temperature drops in Balochistan with first snowfall in Quetta, Ziarat, Qilla Saifullah, Loralai

QUETTA (Dunya News) – The winter has left its footsteps in Quetta, Ziarat, Kalat, Qilla Saifullah, Zoab and other areas of Balochistan. Temperature has dropped following the first snowfall of season.

Land, trees and mountains have all been covered with about 3 inches to 1 foot of snow which is extremely bewitching for residents and tourists alike.

People from Quetta have made their way in numbers at Hanna Lake to enjoy chilly climate. They played with each other while throwing snow balls and witnessing the natural beauty.

A large number couldn’t resist taking selfies and group photographs to store memories. People even cheered and sang songs to relish the moment.

Meanwhile, land communication was distorted following continual snowfall in Ziarat, Khanozai and Lakpass. Loralai also had a severe snowfall and temperature drop which last happened in 2008.

People have decided to stay in homes and avoid going to marketplaces whereas attendance in various offices was recorded low.

VIDEO: First snowfall in Quetta and surrounding areas