In 2015, divorce rate was high in love marriages in Gujranwala: report

Dunya News

The family courts have separated as many as 4500 couples out of 5000.

GUJRANWALA (Dunya News) – According to a report finalized by collecting data from the courts in Gujranwala, a fierce increase has been reported in divorces of love marriages in 2015.

Keeping in view the statistics of last year in the district, the family courts have separated as many as 4500 couples out of 5000 applied for divorce among which, more than 3000 have surfaced to be love marriages.

The rate of divorce is high in love marriages as compare to arranged ones due to impractical imagination and overwhelmed expectations. The couples fail to understand reality of life that leads to parting their ways, a lawyer said.

The allegations like brutal torture by husbands, drug addiction, dual-marriage and not giving expenses used to be included in the clause while filing for separation.

Report says that the main collapse of family life occurs due to failure of love marriages, impact of Indian dramas on housewives, poverty and ignorance.

The delay in case proceedings, continuous strikes of lawyers and absence of judges intensify the problems of the victims and their families, said one affectee.

While courts said that late hearings grant time to the claimants, paving the way for patch-up between the pairs.